Continuous Testing:

DevOps is all about removing the bottlenecks from the software development process so that you can accelerate delivery and realise the full potential of Agile. But you can’t simply accelerate delivery without quality gates to ensure that defects aren’t leaking into production.

Traditional waterfall /over-the-wall QA processes are too slow and too late to work in the Continuous Delivery world. Continuous Testing is the key to unlocking the bridge between continuous development and continuous delivery, and at VenturaQA Solutions we provide everything you need to make it a reality.

Build a Solid Testing Pyramid

Continuous Testing needs to be built on top of a solid testing practice. The testing pyramid outlines a strategy for building an effective testing portfolio. Minimising brittle, UI-driven end-to-end testing and leveraging a solid foundation of unit tests, with a focus on driving end-to-end testing at the service layer, ensures that tests can be both fully-automated and executed continuously.

Use Dynamic Test Environments

As you mature your adoption of continuous testing, access to, and re-configuring of, the test environments will become the next bottleneck. This is where VenturaQA Solutions Continuous Testing Platform can help with visibility into the test environment and the ability to dynamically reconfigure test dependencies via its web UI, Continuous Integration (CI) plugins (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, VSTS), or pragmatically using its REST API.

If you only need the environment while executing the fully automated test suite, the Continuous Testing Platform can help you orchestrate the dynamic deploy-and-destroy of disposable test environments (both on premise and in the cloud via Azure or AWS), giving you on-demand test environments for what you need, when you need it.

Get Continuous Feedback

Aggregate data from across all of your testing practices (static analysis, unit/functional/manual testing, code coverage, and code reviews). Integrate the data into your Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline and other systems of record (e.g. JIRA) to provide critical feedback at each state of the process.