API testing focuses on the business logic layer of the software architecture. The goal of API is to have an integration of the application with other services.

When we provide API Testing Services, we check different combinations of positive, negative and error handling scenarios. It allows you to be confident that your API doesn’t have bugs, and the whole application works as expected. Our offerings include Automated and Manual API testing services.

API Testing Types :

When we provide API testing services, we allocate QA engineers who have extensive experience in using API testing tools. It allows you to reduce the time and cost of the testing cycle and increases the performance of the tests:

Functional Testing – checking the overall health of the API.

Regression Testing – checking how API works after bug fixing and new features development.

Automation Testing – developing API tests to run them regularly.

Load Testing – checking how much load your API can support.

Documentation Testing – checking the completeness of the guidelines of API calls.

Our API testing methodology:

  1. API specification review
  2. Analyzing requirements
  3. Test documentation development
  4. Test framework development
  5. Integration test suite with CI/CD server
  6. Test execution & reporting